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    Raw Union Jack Cake for Queen's Diamond Jubilee

    'Oopse she did it again!' It was yet another solid year of rocking it out on the throne, this time totalling a great big celebratory SIX ZERO!

    Our Queen is an inspiration, so I wanted to do something extra special for her Diamond Jubilee by making her this gorgeous Raw (dah!) Union Jack Cake:

    Queen Elizabeth has forgiven us for doing press ups on her garden lawn  a couple of summers ago and absolutely loved the cake! And so did her family below :)

    Elliot's parents were visiting us from New Zealand, so we had our very own Royal Party. From left to right: Harry- that'll be moi; Prince Charles- Elliot; Duke of Edinburgh- Richard (dad); The Queen- Adele (mum); William- Matt; Kate- Jen.

    And back to the cake.
    Here are the step by step instructions to make your very own...


    For the base
    2 portions of my Fudge Brownie recipe (base only, no icing)

    For the icing
    2 Cups cashews, soaked overnight
    2 Lemons, juiced
    1/2 Cup extra virgin coconut oil
    1/3 Cup agave nectar
    1/4 Beetroot juice (about 1 medium beet; make like this if no juicer)
    1 tsp Spirulina powder

    For the equipment & extras
    Desiccated coconut
    Union Jack stensil (or purchased flag)
    Food processor
    Optional: 17 x 31 cm cake base

    Blend the cashews, lemon juice, coconut oil and agave, using a tamper/pulse until creamy.
    Scoop about a third into a separate bowl to keep for the white portion of icing.
    Add beetroot juice to the blender and blend (or manually stir, like in the image below)
    Scoop half out to another bowl to keep for the red portion of icing.
    Add the spirulina to the remaining red mixture and blend to make a purplish colour for the 'blue' portion of icing.

    Prepare the brownie mixture using my Raw Food Fudge Brownie base recipe.
    Double the portion, or your cake will be far too thin.
    I used a 17 x 31 cm granite serving plate, but you can use a small chopping board or just a plate.

    Make yourself a Union Jack stencil.
    If you are in UK- just buy a cheap plastic flag available in many convenience stores.
    Using the blunt side of a knife- press into each line to imprint the flag design onto the cake.

    When you take the flag away, check that all the lines are there.
    It's easy to get some out of proportion, so just smooth the line or two out with your finger and redo.

    Begin to frost by colouring in the white parts first.
    Use a butter knife like a painting brush and don't rush.
    Continue by colouring in with red, keeping a picture of a Union Jack near for reference.

    Continue now by filling the remaining triangles with the purple frosting.
    [Blue is a primary colour, so it is pretty tricky to create from scratch. Purple was my best outcome]
    Use the very tip of your knife to create sharp corners with the colours.

    If you are not using berries- your cake is now ready!
    Keep it in the fridge.

    I just looooove berries and think they make any dessert extra special, so I used raspberries and blueberries for the respective colours on the flag.
    The raspberries were a bit big, so I set them into the middle red cross part only.

    Be sure to use the smallest blueberries first for each corner of the blue flag part.
    Take a pinch of desiccated coconut and very carefully sprinkle it over the white.
    Tada! Store in the fridge for up to 7 days.

    So, what do you think? Do you love it too? I'd so love for you to share your version of a Raw Food Queen's Diamond Jubilee creation with me on Facebook- just tag Better Raw or post on our page

    Eight DON'Ts after dinner

    As we enter the season of dinner parties, summer picnics and social get-togethers - healthy eating suddenly shoots up to the top of our priory list - as this also happens to be the season of boardies and bikinis! Yussssss.

    But eating the right type of foods is usually where it stops for many of us... it's not like we were ever taught at school that what you do or more importantly DON'T do after dinner can have just as much effect on your metabolism and digestion as the food you eat.

    Of course I am not only talking dinner, but any and every meal all through the day. Here are my...


    1. DON'T drink liquids, especially cold water. Water will solidify the fats and oils you have just consumed and arrest digestion. Think of what happens to warmed liquid butter if you pour in into a jug of cold water- it solidifies and doesn't move.

    2. DON'T eat fruit. Fruit should be eating on an empty stomach and on its own, as it is such a great cleanser and doesn't require long to digest. Mix it with anything else (like your dinner which is trying be digested) and it will sit on top, fermenting and rotting, making you bloated and gassy.

    3. DON'T loosen your trousers. This sudden release could twist your intestines and block the natural movement of food.

    4. DON'T smoke! Not that I would recommend smoking at any other time, but apparently having a cigarette right after eating increases the chances of cancer even more, as it becomes equivalent to ten whole cigarettes.

    5. DON'T have dessert. The sugar will stay in your body for longer, sitting on top the meal, fermenting, acidifying the system and feeding any present candida. If you are going to have dessert, have it before the meal so that at least the saliva you produce will promote more digestive juices in the stomach for when dinner arrives.

    6. DON'T drink coffee or black tea. Both have high amounts of acids, that make the protein (in any form) that we consume harder to digest.

    7. DON'T sauna, bathe or bikram. High heat increases the blood to flow to the hands and legs, thus away from the stomach area, where it's required the most for proper digestion.

    8. DON'T go to sleep. When we sleep, we relax and everything slows down, including the body's work and digestion. This can lead to gastric issues and infection in the intestines, as well as acid reflux.

    Do you have a 'DON'T after dinner' that I've missed? Please share in the comments below...

    Would you like to use this article? I'll be my pleasure! Please add this at the end:

    Tanya Alekseeva is a wellness coach, chef, author, and a renowned raw food and detox expert. She healed herself with raw fruits and vegetables at the age of fourteen after a near fatal car accident damaged her internal organs. Born in Russia, raised in New Zealand and now based out of London, she travels nationally and internationally to provide seminars, workshops, retreats, detox programs and one-to-one coaching, to educate and ensure busy individuals achieve their most desired wellbeing and ultimate health objectives. She is the founder of Better Raw, creator of 'Raw Food 101' DVD, author of numerous eBooks, as well as a FR*EE report '15 World's Healthiest Foods' available on www.BetterRaw.com 

    Raw food 101 DVD is out now!

    Hoorray!!! Raw food 101 DVD with EVERYTHING you need to know to get on your way to the healthiest lifestyle ever is out right now! This is a very exciting day for so many of you (I am told) and especially myself- the DVD's proud mama! Best of all, it is available for shipping worldwide! Check it out...
    "What an exciting and informative class. No doubt the best beginners guide to raw food we've seen yet" -Pura Vida Food
    If you are new to raw foods, confused about your next steps, struggling to win your family over with healthy meals or simply think it’s just for nutty people with too much free time, Raw Food 101 is the program for you!
    In Tanya’s 2.5 hour class you will learn all the basics, such as: ◈ Which equipment is necessary and which is just for fun. ◈ What superfoods are all about. ◈ The difference between smoothies and juices. ◈ Why dairy is not the answer to calcium. ◈ Why fermenting is so important. ◈ What on earth a dehydrator is and what you can create in it. ◈ Secrets to staying raw in winter time. ◈ Guidelines on sprouting at home. ◈ Practical tips and tricks to creating easy meals and snacks in under five minutes. ◈ How desserts can very much be a part of your diet. ◈ Hear truly inspiring success stories.
    ◈ Designed in chapters for easy navigation. Chapters included are Equipment, Smoothies vs Juices, Calcium & Milks, Superfoods, Sprouting, Fermenting, Dehydrating, Flavours & Sauces, Easy meals, Sweets & Testimonials.
    ◈ Recipes include green smoothies, nut milks, hummus, granola, crackers, sauerkraut, cheese, spaghetti bolognaise, curry, sushi, chocolate, ice cream and more!
    What others are saying about RawFood101...  
    "Tanya is one of the world's foremost experts on how to make the most of a vibrant raw lifestyle and diet. Her DVD will show you how to breathe new life into your raw food routine and create magic in your kitchen! Her beautiful food really is 'Better Raw'!"
    –Amber Shea Crawley, author of Practically Raw
    “Tanya has made a really concise, informative DVD I would recommend to anyone who is either at the beginning of their raw food journey, or needing to steer back on track with some very easy and delicious recipes as well as some fantastic anecdotes from her own journey with raw food. Not to mention she is living proof that raw food gives you your glow and she looks amazing!”
    –Robyn Law, Australian Raw Chef
    “A great DVD that certainly deserves a huge place in the market. It is well thought out and well structured with clear definitions and explanations to give a complete visual guide for any beginner or relative who is at a loss to appreciate what to eat.”
    -Funky Raw magazine
    “The 2.5 hour DVD is designed as a beginner’s guide to raw foods- so a perfect gift for someone who might be thinking of starting their journey- but it’s also great for confirmed raw fooders too.”
    -Get Fresh! Magazine
    “If you’ve ever fancied giving raw food a go but wouldn’t know where to start, Tanya Alekseeva’s Raw Food 101 DVD is worth watching.”
    –Vegetarian Living magazine
    >>Read many more testimonials here>>
    Order your copy today...
    RAW FOOD 101 DVD
    Everything you need to know to get started with raw foods in a fun and intensive 2,5 hour class. Shipped to your door for just...
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    All I want is Keylime Pie

    A few years ago, I spend my university summer break working at Ocean Drive's infamous Cafe Milano and Cafe Med Miami, Florida.

    And just having typed that line, I realise that I've been saying 'a few years' for quite a few years now!

    I can't even share any of my photos with you here, because no one owned digital cameras back then. What I do have is about two hundred printed pictures, spread over three albums, stored in one of the big boxes, at mum and dad's house, in Ecuador.

    The point is, no matter how long ago this was, I will always remember that even if we didn't actually stock any of twelve odd desserts on the menu apart from Keylime pie, no one would notice. Keylime Pie is what everyone came to Ocean Drive for and I've never been able to understand it... Until now.

    This summer, I've been having strange cravings for limes. Not lemons, but limes specifically. I'd slice them for my tea, squeeze them over salads, blend them into smoothies, but what I'd really be thinking about is a Keylime Pie.

    Goodbye London dinner for Elliot's sister Alex
    Hello London lunch for my sister Alissa
    I've no idea why I waited until the end of summer to come up with my own raw recipe, but it was SO worth the wait! And perfect timing too- it's been a time for goodbyes, re-unions, visitors and all kinds of smooth sailing with this creamy, tangy, and refreshing cheese-cakie dessert...


    For the equipment
    Removable bottom 10 inch tart pan
    Food Processer
    Optional: dehydrator

    For the Crust
    1 Cup Walnuts, soaked 2-8 hours
    1 Cup desiccated coconut
    2 Cups Dates, soaked 2 hours
    1/3 Cup Cacao powder
    Pinch salt

    For the Filling
    1 Cup Cashews, soaked 2-8 hours
    1 Cup lime juice (about 5 large or 8 small limes)
    2 Avocados
    1 medium Mango
    1/3 Cup Coconut Butter, gently melted
    1/3 Cup Agave

    -Start with making the crust by processing the walnuts with an S Blade of your food processer
    -Squeeze the water out of the dates, add them to the food processer and pulse
    -When the dates appear roughly chopped, add the remaining crust ingredients and process well
    -Scoop the entire mixture into a pie pan and spread it evenly over the bottom and the sides with your hands. Do not rush this process

    -Start preparing the filling by blending soaked cashews and lime juice until smooth
    -Add the remaining filling ingredients and blend on high. Use a tamper for a powerful blender or pulse for standard blender
    -Pour the mixture into the crusted mould and lightly wiggle the pan from side to side to flatten the pie
    -Transfer to a freezer
    -Best served about 4 hours after freezing or if left to freeze overnight or longer, simply thaw for an hour in the fridge to soften

    If you were after lime garnish like mine, thinly slice 2 limes and dehydrate for 4 hours at 115degrees F. Serve as decoration and then add to teas. Yum

    Creamy Raw Food Ice cream for all ages

    A little while ago in my newsletter, I briefly told you about my experience at Woodfield Special Education School, Norfolk. What I didn’t realise is that four months later, I would still be so affected by these gorgeous innocent souls.

    Working with special needs students wasn’t new to me, I used to volunteer at teaching them art and maths all through High School. But it wasn’t until I had the privilege of being invited to introduce raw food nutrition to a school education system, that I truly felt like I was contributing to something very important. I was touched to say the least.

    Sceptical at first, both the students and teachers, were not at all keen to put spinach in their smoothies, make milk from nuts?? or even brownies that had no sugar or flour in them and weren’t going in an oven for baking. The challenge was on!

    All it took really was telling the kids how much better healthy raw food can make them at maths and getting them to play with every single ingredient, from choosing their favourite fruits to peeling the skin of a soaked almond. The result was beyond belief! They all loooved the green smoothies and asked for more, were completely fascinated with squeezing milk out of nuts, got carried away moulding their own brownie shapes while licking their hands and best of all never lost a moment of concentration.

    If you have children and are having trouble at getting them to eat healthily, I urge you- please please please let them make their own food, play with fresh fruit and vegetables and create something for their own meals or snacks. They will love what they themselves came up with and eat it all up too!

    An adult can rarely ‘sell’ a healthy snack to a child, but a child can nearly always ‘sell’ a healthy snack to an adult. It is the little ones that are the best marketers of the world and they need your encouragement!

    I thought I will share with you a testimonial from the Head Teacher:

    "Being a complex needs school our initial concern when a new person comes in to work with our pupils is always about how they will be able to work with the hugely varied needs of our students. In this case we also didn’t quite know what to expect from a raw food technician – we’ve always done very ‘normal’ cooking lessons, making biscuits, cakes, pizza etc.

    The work Tanya did with us was amazing. The pupils (and staff!) learnt loads of new things about how to use foods in different ways and some of our more fussy pupils were willing and keen to try foods they would normally refuse. Tanya’s manner with the pupils was superb and they really took to her. They loved every minute of her sessions and still talk about food week now.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tanya’s sessions to any other school be it mainstream or special needs. I think she’d work really well with different age groups as well as she has a really relaxed and calm way of working which immediately won the interest and respect of the pupils. Thanks for a great couple of days Tanya!" –Bec Lang

    Here's a recipe just perfect for kids ('kids at heart' including!)...


    3 bananas
    1 mango
    ½-1 Cup nut/seed milk
    Optional: cacao nibs, goji berries, mulberries, raisins

    -Peel bananas and mango
    -Chop into pieces and freeze
    -Transfer to a high powered blender, add milk and blend using a tamper
    -Garnish with optional sprinkles and serve immediately