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    Dark and White Raw Chocolate Covered Strawberries VIDEO

    Happy Easter Everyone! A little early I know, but I really wanted to share a recipe with you so you have plenty of time to make it and that I think is actually perfect for any occasion- Easter, Valentines, Birthdays, Celebrations or Today! So perfect in fact, I've even made a video...
    It is also one of 22 incredible recipes featured in my newest eBook 'Seduced- Raw Chocolate Recipes to get very excited for'. I was just having lots of fun creating all the chocolates and had Nooooo idea how much noise the release of this book would make! Thank you so so so much for all your emails and comments and reviews, some of them I am still reading !!! xxx
    Strawberries 25-30, washed and cooled Dark Chocolate 1 Cup Cacao Butter, melted 1 Cup Cacao Power 1/3 Cup Agave Pinch Salt White Chocolate 1 Cup Cashews, soaked 1-8 hours 1/4 Cup Cacao Butter, melted 1/3 Cup Lukuma 1/3 Cup Agave -Prepare the dark chocolate recipe: Add cacao powder to the melted cacao butter and stir until no more lumps remain. Add the agave and salt and stir well -Dip strawberries one at a time, holding onto tails and rotating your hand slightly to create even coverage -Place each strawberry on a non stick tray, close but not touching -Put all white chocolate ingredients into a high speed blender and use a tamper or pulse until creamy -Scoop into a piping bag with smallest available nozzle (you can create your own piping bag by snipping a corner of a strong plastic bag) -Fold or twist the top of the bag to force icing down and squeeze over coated strawberries -Keep in the fridge

    The Kiwi Ingenuity Manuka Honey Pear Walnut Cake

    I'm BaAaAaaCK!

    Not only am I back to blogging (I know I know I haven't posted anything since LAST year :)), but I am back in London from what now seems like a a very distant dream of a holiday away...

    Elliot and I spent six blissful days skiing in Andorra with friends over New Year's and then got back only to simultaneously swap ski gear luggage for bikinis and head to New Zealand.

    "$#*t New Zealand is beautiful!!!" Please excuse my french, I too surprised myself with what came out of my own mouth, as I looked out the window, landing at Auckland airport. Wow Kiwi land, you have really outdone yourself this time or perhaps it is I who has been away for far too long. You really truly are the most gorgeous, breath-taking, awe-inspiring 'land of the white cloud". Double Wow.

    The much too familiar Arrivals Hall brought mixed emotions however. This was the place that could make me miss a heart beat in anticipation to see my jumping parents each time I returned from travelling. I knew mum and dad are living in Ecuador now, but still couldn't hold myself from eagerly searching the crowd for those two happy crazy dearest beings.

    "Am I really home? Can I still call it home if my entire family consisting of mum, dad and sister are no longer living in New Zealand?"

    Luckily I had no time to dwell on such questions, as we spent amazing days with Elliot's family, explored new places on both North and South islands, caught up with close friends and met some of their beautiful babies, watched Matt (Elliot's brother) and Jen say 'I do', ate plum sized cherries, picked ripe apricots, sunbathed, jet skied and swam in a summer heated ocean.

    All that in the shortest nine days of my life.

    What a dream that was. And its not over yet, as I plan to be tasting that dream until all the honey runs out! Yep, there was no way I was to leave New Zealand without its infamous Active, raw, unpasteurised, heavenly, nutritious Manuka Honey. Yum.

    A little bit about Honey: Raw unpasteurised honey has been used therapeutically for centuries to treat sore throats, coughs, high blood pressure, stomach issues and provide a calming effect. But Honey has also been used externally on wounds and burns. When looking for the best honey, go for Manuka and watch for the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor)rating. The higher it is (e.g. UMF 10+) the more anti viral and anti bacterial properties it contains. It is also known as ‘active’ honey, because of its special enzymatic healing qualities.

    I've had alot of fun making up new recipes over the last two weeks and there is one in particular I really want to share here, because I think I may have just come up with something rather genius. Genius, mainly because I finally came up with something super delicious made from left over pulp after making almond milk and also because it tasted so much like a baked cake, but fresher lighter and juicier-


    Cake tin (I used a 20cm round, but you can use a larger one to make a thinner cake)

    4 x Ripe Conference Pears (all cored and deseeded)
    2 x Ripe Avocados
    2 x Cups Almond Pulp (what's left after making milk with about 3,5 Cups Almonds)
    1 x Cup Walnuts
    1/2 Cup x Coconut Butter/Oil (about 4 heaped Tbsps)
    3 x heaped Tbsp Manuka Honey (or any raw honey)

    -If your cake tin doesn't have an adjustable bottom, line it with foil so you can pull it out later
    -Chop 2 pears into small cubes, chop 1 pear roughly to be blended up and slice the last pear from the top of the core to the bottom into eight equal slices)
    -In a large bowl, mix the Almond pulp with walnuts and 2 cubed pears
    -In a blender, scoop out all the avocado flesh, add one roughly chopped pear, honey and melted Coconut Butter. Blend
    -Carefully fold in the blended ingredients with the mix in a bowl.
    -Spoon the mixture into prepared cake tin and press down firmly with your hands to even it out
    -Place the sliced pears around the top of the cake with the skin facing up and thinnest part of pear towards the middle.
    -To set, place in the fridge for a few hours/overnight or for 2 hours in the freezer if in a hurry (just remember to take it out). Use a thin knife to loosen cake from tin. Store in the fridge at all times.

    Enjoy and let me know what you think below...

    First Ever Raw Food Turkish Delight

    If I had to choose a word to describe Turkey, just one single word, if it was even possible, if I had no other option and my life depended on it, it would be nothing other than ‘quintessence’.

    I am not one to idealise anything, but I do know what an ideal vacation involves and Turkey had the exact essence of perfection. Whether it was something I needed at the time or truly is a heavenly oasis doesn’t really matter, what I know is that it made its way right to my heart, put a spell over me, got me dreaming about it at night and that I will be back!

    Ten days of bathing in joy, Elliot and I spent most of our time on the beaches of beautiful Antalya, took boat trips and tours to the ancient ruins of Olympos, calcium and mineral rich waters of Pumukkale (wow!!!), finishing off with vibrancy of Istanbul.

    Turkey has so much to offer, its soul so rich with history, topography plentiful of diversity, skies full of stories, sea water heavenly and the food- the food so... nourishing. That was certainly the last thing I expected, as hunting around for a healthy bite is usually the biggest and often the only challenge on a holiday. There was of cause the opposite option, but because there was even AN option at all was a miracle and not only that, there was more than just an option, much much more!

    Our hotel dinner alone had (and yes I counted) 14 different varieties of salads for dinner. Fourteen! Everywhere you turn, you can get a freshly squeezed orange juice or pomegranate juice and for breakfast (much to Elliot’s disapproval and my delight) we figured it must be their custom to serve a plate of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. I was in Raw Food heaven.

    Speaking of Raw Food and the country that influenced me in such a big way, I came home with more than just an inspiration to create the first ever ['first ever' because there is NOTHING on the Internet for me to copy :)] Raw Food Turkish Delight. I came back with a determination to give back at least a little for being given so much.

    It wasn’t exactly easy. A traditional Turkish Delight is mainly sugar and cornstarch after all. The cornstarch is what gives it that gooey gummy bear texture, so since that was not an option I had to settle for the fruits with pectin to create a jam like thickness and Agar Agar for a jelly (jello to my American friends) like consistency.

    The outcome- scrumptious! Not exactly like a traditional Turkish Delight I won’t lie, but in my opinion WAY better and I will choose it over the traditional any day even if I wasn’t health conscious...


    A quick word on Agar Agar: a gelatinous substance produced from certain species of Japanese seaweeds. Like any mineral and vitamin rich seaweed, it provides important source of nutrients and is actually unaffected by enzymes. Hence boiling in hot water is completely harmless. Agar is also superior to the animal-derived gelatin in that it contains no calories! Read about the fascinating method of Agar production here.



    1 Cup Blueberries
    3 Medjool Dates
    1 Tbsp Agave
    ½ Cup water
    1 Tbsp Agar Agar flakes
    ½ cup hazelnuts (or your favourite nuts)

    Optional: Lukuma powder for coating



    8 Medjool Dates
    ½ Cup Orange Juice
    1 Tbsp Agave
    ½ Cup water
    1 Tbsp Agar Agar flakes
    ½ cup hazelnuts (or your favourite nuts)

    Optional: Lukuma powder for coating

    -For Blueberry Delight: Blend blueberries, dates and agave until smooth
    -For Fruity Delight: Blend dates and orange juice to a creamy paste

    -Boil the water and let the flakes sit in it for 5 minutes

    -Bring the water to boil again and gently simmer until all the flakes dissolve completely

    -Add to the ingredients already in the blender and blend

    -Manually mix with hazelnuts and transfer into a small container (I had mine lined with plastic wrap so I can easily pull the contents out later)

    -Let it set overnight in the fridge, but if you prefer a ‘prettier’ outcome freeze for an hour and slice up into even squares and coat in Lukuma powder

    [to see what I mean about 'prettier' just look at photo with the Blueberry Delight that has only been in the fridge and compare to the evenly cubed Fruity Delight, that has been frozen]

    [Now do you see how much we loved Turkey?]

    The Calcium Question plus Almond Milk & Superfoods Smoothie

    The Calcium Question plus Almond Milk & Superfoods Smoothie

    It has been nearly one month since my last post. Shame on me! Shame especially because I have been planning to post this important information on Calcium in Dairy, Soy and Nut Milks ever since I spoke about it at this year’s Festival of Life event.

    [Festival of Life is the largest annual Raw Vegan event in Europe and this year there were 68 presentations and workshops from amazing inspiring speakers, 100 eco vegan stalls and an uplifting conscious dance party]

    I was overwhelmed at how many turned up to my lecture and when there were not enough chairs, were even willing to stand or sit on the floor for the entire duration. And no wonder- Calcium seems to be THEE topic at the moment with Dairy consumption going up, but osteoporosis not even budging to decrease for a moment. In fact its getting worse, much worse.

    I was glad to hear David Wolfe also speak in depth about this issue at his ‘Best Ever You’ Event when he was in London just last week. That's me with the Nutrition Superstar himself...

    Truths, Myths and Facts about Dairy, Soy and Nut Milks
    • Calcium as you’ve all heard, but that is part of the solution
    • Bones are made of 12+ minerals, not just one
    • Osteoporosis is defined as ‘loss of minerals from bones’, not ‘calcium deficiency’
    • The right calcium- supplements are NOT the answer. In fact if you heard David Wolfe speak of bad calcification, you already know that by taking calcium supplements and eating calcium ‘enriched’ foods, you’ll build up excess of it in your system coupled with mineral deficiencies and imbalances that will cause plaque in arteries, thyroid hormone resistance, kidney stones, gallstones, osteoarthritis, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and the list goes on.
    • Vitamin D- important to absorb the calcium, now all we need is the sun (pleeease London)
    • Exercise- the more the bone is stressed, the more calcium is absorbed from the bloodstream, the more rigid structures are formed in bone cells creating the bone matrix and the stronger the bone gets


    There are several clues as to why Dairy should be the LAST resort, but there is even MORE scientific proof
    Clue #1- We are the ONLY species that drink milk from another species. Have you thought of that before?
    Clue #2- We are also the ONLY species drinking milk past infancy. Lovely
    Clue #3- Dairy consumption is on the increase, but so is Osteoporosis
    Clue #4- Dairy is the largest industry in the world bringing some serious cash to the economy, would our governments then ever tell us the truth?

    It's true that cow’s milk is very rich in calcium and other nutrients- it is afterall designed to build a WHOLE COW. But we share no anatomical similarities with a calf and have no evolutionary relationship with it either.

    We also tend to drink Dairy pasteurised and/or homogenised! This process kills many vital nutrients, makes it difficult to absorb any minerals and allows for less hygienic environments to live stock.

    I’m not done :) Most calcium in dairy is wrapped in casein (used in industrial glue and pain thickeners). To split casein and get to the calcium we need rennet. This enzyme is produced in stomachs of young mammals, but as for humans- only for the very FIRST month of our lives!


    Oh dear. There are now so many problems arising from cow’s milk, that Soy is what's made itself known as a ‘healthy’ solution. Then isn't this interesting..

    Phytic Acids in Soy block body of minerals, such as magnesium, iron, zinc and CALCIUM.
    There are many enzyme inhibitors slowing protein digestion, causing growth problems and digestive issues
    Cooking doesn’t help, as soy is very resistant to heat and only long fermentation will reduce the anti nutrients content (ie. Tamari, miso and netto are OK)

    Flavones block the thyroid function
    Phyto-estrogens closely mimic estrogen in human body, affecting levels of testosterone and impairing reproductivity
    One glass of Soy milk has been shown to have the same amount of estrogen as EIGHT birth control pills

    99% of soya bean are genetically modified and have the highest percentage of contamination by pesticide of all foods

    Most products in supermarkets are made of soya and corn (they feed this to cows too!)
    Most fish get farmed and fed soya/inverted corn syrup
    Commercial chocolate has lecithin, which comes from soya beans


    And it's brighter than ever! There are many many foods that have calcium in a more bio- available form than Milk AND will give us even more nutrients and minerals, that are needed for healthy bones...

    SEEDS- Sesame seeds have the highest calcium content in the seed world, as Calcium is found in tough, hard things, like shells. Also sunflower seeds

    NUTS- Many kinds, like Hazelnuts and walnuts, but mainly Almonds and Brazil Nuts

    GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES- especially Collard greens, Kale, Turnip greens, but not so much Spinach, as it is very high in oxalic acid that binds with the calcium and makes calcium less available

    SEA VEGETABLES- Nori, Kombu, Agar-Agar, especially Wakame

    VEGETABLES- especially fibrous vegetables, Cabbage being the richest source, and Broccoli

    FRUIT- Figs, Olives and Apricots

    And of cause I won’t just leave it at that without giving you a recipe too, so I thought I will make a video on how to make your own Nut Milk from Almonds, as I ran out of time during my Festival of Life lecture to demonstrate this...


    For the essentials
    Cheese cloth/ Nut Bag/ Stockings
    For the Milk
    Almonds (soaked overnight)
    Pure Water
    Optional: pitted dates, sea salt

    For the Superfoods Smoothie
    Nut Milk (from above)
    Lukuma Powder
    Purple Corn Flour
    Maca Root Powder

    -Follow the 4:1 ratio and use 4 Cups water to 1 Cup Soaked Nuts. Decrease the water amount for a creamier milk
    -Put nuts and water in the blender
    -If using, add dates (about 2 per one cup of nuts) and pinch of sea salt
    -Blend until smooth and strain

    -Have straight from glass, on your cereal or any way you usually have your milk, but if you are making the Smoothie, return strained milk to the blender
    -Add superfoods, then peaches and strawberries
    Note: some people find Maca too overpowering, so use about half a teaspoon per cup of Smoothie

    'The Calcium Lie: What your doctor doesn't know might kill you' by Robert Thompson and Kathleen Barnes
    'The Whole Soy Story: The dark side of America' by Kaaila Daniel
    'The Hidden dangers of Soy' by Dianne Gregg
    'The Optimum Nutrition Bible: The book you have to read if you care about your health' by Patrick Holford

    Granola Bars & Nut Clusters for a Music Festival

    My very first UK Music Festival experience... now I see what all that fuss is about!

    The tree hugger in me just couldn't wait to get out to open nature for three full days of festivities, but the princess in me dreaded the showerless camping. In the end, it turned out that music was what everyone came to V Fest for and with an event so well organised, there is very little one can complain about.
    [Elliot and 120,000 tents]

    If you've ever had the opportunity to see Calvin Harris live (pictured right), you'd know how quickly he can make the top of your list. He was certainly my favourite, so much so that I didn't even stop and think to video.

    My own first runner up was Florence and The Maching, she was sensational and here is a clip..

    Kings of Leon were A-mazing, but perhaps I looked forward to them a little tooo much. Plan B were another huge favourite and I surely surprised myself at how much I enjoyed Prodigy. No, I am still surprised! Oh and there is certainly nothing wrong with Peter Andre.. nothing wrong with him at all :)

    With so much time planned to be spent camping, I knew I needed to get some serious dehydrating going on and below you can see my dehydrator full of:
    Fruits (tray 1)
    Granola Bars (trays 2 and 3)
    Nut Clusters (tray 4 and 5)



    1/2 Cup Almonds
    1/2 Cup Sunflower Seeds
    1/2 Cup Pumpkin Seeds
    1 Cup Dates
    1/4 Cup Flaxseeds
    1/2 Cup Dried Shredded coconut
    1 Apple, peeled and grated
    1 tsp Vanilla (powder/essence or a pod)
    1 tsp Cinnamon

    - Soak Almonds, Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and dates overnight (or for 8 hrs). Rinse

    - Soak flaxseeds overnight too, but separately in 1/4 cup water

    - Place all the ingredients in a Food Processer with an S Blade and pulse. [Note to pulse only, so the mixtute doesn't turn runny into a leather and you end up with a proper semi chuncky muesli bar]

    - Spread the mixture on teflex sheets with a spatular, forming a large rectangle with plenty of room on the left side of the sheet. Now slice the rectangle into equal size bars and slide each along to the left to create gaps for dehydrating evenly.

    - Dehydrate at 110degrees F. Transfer to mesh sheets in 3-4 hours and leave to keep dehydrating overnight

    [Super yummy and will keep for 2 weeks in a container]

    (I don't have a photo of the finished product, because by the time they finished dehydrating, we couldn't wait any longer to eat them- that's how good they were... and how long they took to dehydrate)

    1/2 Cup Pecans
    1/2 Cup Almonds
    1/2 Cup Cashews
    1/2 Cup Walnuts
    1/4 Cup Cacao Nibs
    1 Cup Pineapple, finely chopped
    1 Cup Dates
    1 tsp Vanilla
    1/2 tsp Cinnamon

    - Soak Pecans and Almonds overnight. Rinse
    - Soak Walnuts, Cashews and Dates for 1 hour
    - Process Pineapple, Dates, Cinnamon and Vanilla in the food processer, until the mixture turns into a sauce
    - Transfer into a large bowl and manually mix in all the nuts and cacao nibs
    - Spread onto teflex sheets and dehydrate at 110 degrees F overnight
    - Transfer to mesh trays and dehydrate for a further 20 hours
    [V Fest was like a Gum Boot (Wellingtons) fashion show. I didn't even know that large a quantity was produced, not to mention the design variety]