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    Mystery SupperClub Menu... Revealed!

    Mystery SupperClub Menu... Revealed!

    One of the super cute things I had my girls help me organise for our wedding is this awesome mimosa bar. It got so much amazing feedback, that I decided to take note of everyone's favourite flavours and serve them at next week's SupperClub!


    It will be such a gorgeous event- the dishes and flavours we are preparing for you require so much time, love and attention, that we came to a unanimous decision to not keep you wondering what they’ll be till the actual night!

    Now that you know how worth it this menu is to get all excited for, your positive vibes will charge each living ingredient all the way to your plate and to your healthy cells! Take a look…

    First Course

    Sweet & Sour Marble Cocktail of lime, berries and flower infused vodka (non alcoholic available)

    Second Course

    Amuse Bouche of cucumber and herbed aged cashew cheese Immunity Booster Ginger Shots

    Third Course

    Family Style Dipping Platter of truly raw ranch sauce, soured cream and chives and smoked paprika courgette hummus with crackers and veggie sticks

    Fourth Course

    Mum's Secret Yellow Minestrone Soup, served with soft homemade onion bread

    Fifth Course

    Soft Shell Tacos with juicy walnut and oyster mushroom meat, guacamole and soured cream

    Sixth Course

    Rose Raspberry Cocktail with a spiced nut boat

    Seventh Course

    A trio of chocolates, including white orange cream, dark and decadent chocolate fudge and a peppermint slice with creamy tones. Served with loose leaf mint and rose petal tea.

      We are nearing full capacity for Raw in Chelsea SupperClub already, so don't miss it and book here>>

    Our cyclone of a wedding

    Our cyclone of a wedding

    I don’t actually mean that our wedding was a cyclone, rather there was a roof-blowing-tree-breaking-wave-crashing cyclone on the one day, which we picked to get married.

    It was quite spectacular really.

    All day before the ceremony began, we had messages coming through trying to make us feel better about the weather and friends all around kept asking how we could be so calm, when outside was everything but calm. But it’s as though we didn’t understand the question…

    I am lucky to be married to a wise man, who also believes that everything is as it should be, who goes with the flow and for whom a storm means just one thing: epic surf the next day. And anyway- all we’ve been hearing months before we even said our “I do’s” is how much luck a rainy wedding day brings to a married life, so we both decided that a cyclone must mean that this luck is multiplied tenfold.

    Then just like that- the rain stopped for a while to give us a wee window of opportunity for beach photography (above) and the only person that was nearly as crazy as us to be out happened to be a woman, which we can only describe as an angel with a message. She walked past to tell us that she also got married on the stormiest day NZ has seen in years, when everything was flying and crashing and the skies were dark. Then she went on to tell us that she married her soulmate and best friend and that their life together is the most wonderful thing. That was 38 years ago apparently.

    If you don’t know Elliot yet, I’d love for you to meet him! He, as well as my trusty sidekick and best friend Britney, are organising the next SupperClub with me! Join us at 6:45PM Thursday April 10th for a seven-course artisan raw meal, which will also include superfood cocktails.

    Early bird tickets will be gone in 24 hours, so get yours here now>>

    A thousand kisses from New Zealand,

    Mrs Maher