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    bloggers meet | vitamix's raw food supper club

    Images by Tristan Glinski

    Attention Attention to my UK foodie blogger followers!

    Vitamix and I have teamed up to hold the first ever Vitamix's Raw Food Supper Club exclusive to bloggers in the UK.

    This is your chance to get a glimpse of how the Vitamix can help support a raw food lifestyle, meet other virtual superstars like yourself, taste the most decadent and healthful dishes prepared by yours truly on the night and ask me any questions you have!

    The first event is this Thursday! It is sponsored by Vitamix, so free for you. Check it out:

    Bloggers Meet: Raw Food Supper Club
    *bloggers only*
    Hosted by: Tanya Alekseeva and Vitamix
    When: Thursday 6th June: 18:00-20:00
    Where: Covent Garden, London
    How to register: Email Aaron ahuckett@publicasity.co.uk to secure a place. First come, first served. Invite is for bloggers only.

    Images by Tristan Glinski

    sungate 11:11 - south america's newest raw food restaurant

    Do you remember me posting this image of the most gorgeous garden in the whole entire world? 

    It is my parents' back yard in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. It is also the venue to the newest and most raved about raw food restaurant in South America!

    If you follow Better Raw on Facebook, you would've seen the announcement there already. But since such sacred space is currently only available to a maximum of 20 people, you may have
    already learned how fast all the spots sell out after the release of a new menu, every three weeks. 

    My mum Elena, the talent behind all the culinary creations and my dad Vladimir, the best waiter/ marketer/ delivery man/ cleaner/ dishwasher/ adviser/ recipe approver, are the amazing team behind every colourful and nourishing dish at Sungate 11:11.

    If you are in or near Vilcabamba, make sure to book for what could very easily be the highlight of your travels. And such a tasty one!

    Here are all the details of the upcoming set menu lunch:

    Here are some examples of their past menu options:

    What did I tell you? Sounds amazing, right?
    Remember to book for the next lunch happening on Saturday 25th May and please give my parents a cuddle for me!

    lush escapes | 1 day city retreat | raw food & yoga for athletes

    Any athlete knows that optimum performance is a product of hard work. A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet can literally take you miles, preventing injuries and speeding up recovery times. 

    Step into one of London's exquisite wellness studios and allow us to show you how Raw Foods and Yoga can easily compliment any level training programme:

    12:00PM   Enjoy a pre-workout smoothie as we reveal fascinating facts from the wellness regimen of world-class athletes 
    12:30PM    Discover scary side effects of common fitness supplements and powerful sources of protein in raw living foods 
    1:00PM      Equip your Yoga toolkit with a dynamic stretching sequence to help prevent injuries and speed workout recoveries 
    2:00PM      Discover a surprising source of hydration as Tanya shows you how to make her signature Raw Refuelling Sport Gel and learn about inflammation remedies 
    2:45PM      Experiment with Yoga core conditioning and balance postures to enhance mental and physical strength  
    3:15PM      Learn 3 essential Yoga poses for athletes plus tension-relieving breathing techniques to calm the nervous system 
    3:30PM      Watch a "Lunch on the Go" demo and savour a delicious, nutritionally-dense meal to sustain your metabolism 
    4:00PM      Make scrumptious Fitness Fudge to take away. Q&A with bonus success tips, resources & ongoing support.

    Tanya Alekseeva is a wellness coach, nutritionist, author, chef & founder of Better Raw.

    Colby Hanks is a renowned Yoga and lifestyle coach & founder of Kinetic London.

    "I came to kick-start my health and learned far more than I imagined. I'm ready to make some changes now"- Jay

    "Amazing day, I'm so grateful. I loved everything about it. Much more than I expected. I will highly recommend this class. Thank you." -Francesca

    Where: Slice Urban Lifestyle Studios, 11 Heathmans Road, London SW6 4TJ

    When: Monday 27th May (Bank Holiday) 12PM-4:30PM
    Transport: Parsons Green Underground Station, map & directions

    Fee: £95pp or £160 for 2 people. Includes all ingredients, materials and mats.
    Sign up with a friend and receive a £30 discount, or give an amazing gift experience to that special someone.

    To book your spot, go here: http://www.betterraw.com/p/teaching.html