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    The real reason we crave bread, cheese and chocolate

    The real reason we crave bread, cheese and chocolate

    The first time I’ve encountered food cravings wasn’t when I was pregnant (didn’t crave a thing during pregnancy) but a few years prior to that when I was exploring the raw food lifestyle for the first time.

    I was loving making all sorts of classic dishes out of plants and without cooking, yet all I could think of was Kinder Eggs.

    Not even kidding.

    I’ve never even had that many in the past, yet the cravings weren’t just for commercial processed chocolate, they were pretty specific.

    I began to explore raw chocolate making then (it was almost 10 years ago now! Whoa), I was loving discovering what is possible with pure cacao but the very specific craving remained.

    I then went on to learn everything about the Cacao fruit and all its mega powers to discover that often when us women are at a particular time of the month, we lose magnesium and our body naturally asks for chocolate because it knows that cacao contains loads of this mineral.

    I figured, that’s it, I just need to eat lots of raw chocolate, my magnesium levels will replenish themselves and my cravings will go away.

    Tanya Maher's Seduced Raw Chocolate Ebook

    It didn’t quite work out like that.

    I still thought about those Kinder Eggs and it was driving me insane.

    During that time of transitioning to a more plant based diet, by default I was cleansing and becoming more in tune with my body.

    I began asking my body: ‘what do you need?’ rather than ‘what do you feel like?’.

    It was during one of these moments that my body urged me to think on exactly why I may be craving those silky milky treats, because the answer was contained within.

    I really had to close my eyes and visualise what exactly it was that raw chocolate couldn’t deliver.

    Fearne Cotton and Tanya Maher

    It was obviously, not just the magnesium and antioxidant-rich chocolate itself or I would’ve been the happiest girl in the world crunching on cacao nibs. Plus I was already getting plenty of magnesium from leafy greens and antioxidants from berries.

    Was it the sweetness? Nope, because if it was then I’d be satisfied simply by swallowing a tablespoon of white sugar.

    The answer was clear. I longed for the creaminess, the milkiness, the fattiness, the dairyness!

    I longed for fats.

    Interestingly, although my cravings were that specific, eating Kinder didn’t seem to make me want it less.

    Turns out that my body was trying to tell me that it needed lots of cold pressed essential fats and fatty acids, but the only way it knew to communicate this was pointing out the very thing that contained lots of fats, albeit the wrong kind.

    It’s not like my body was ever going to get me salivating for a cup full of fish oil or a can of sardines, so it communicated the only way it knew how...

    It kept reminding me of those creamy little buggers, creamy, creamy, fatty, fatty, till the message hit home.

    I bought all kinds of seed oils, oil blends, extra virgin varieties and cold pressed extracts, then began blending them into my smoothies and shakes, desserts and salad dressings.

    raw vegan red velvet cheesecake at Tanya's Cafe

    Soon after that, my cravings for Kinder Surprise went away. Forever!

    Now I know that simply dreaming about a certain food doesn’t mean that you’ll be completely satisfied as soon as you give in to it. Certainly not long term.

    I know to really think about that food and to really dissect what’s inside.

    There lies the answer of what minerals and nutrients my own body may be missing. And that there is always a solution to how this deficiency may be restored.

    At times, I may crave bread...

    I know now that it is when I am boarding on a chromium or nitrogen deficiency.

    If these cravings keep reappearing, I simply up my intake of cinnamon, grapes and sweet potato for chromium or greens, grains and legumes for nitrogen.

    Other times I may long for cheese...

    And I don’t mean ‘oh there’s cheese in front of me, I kinda fancy some’, I mean I reeeeeally want cheese so much that I’m willing to change out of my pj’s, at 9 o’clock at night, and walk for 20 minutes each way to the supermarket for cheeeeese.

    That’s a pretty clear call for a top up on essential fatty acids and calcium.

    I would go for more omega 3’s (EPA and DHA), tahini, broccoli and kale, then just like a miracle- not one more thought about cheese for months.

    tanya maher salads

    Those are the most common cravings that I’m sure you too experience from time to time.

    I also get emails about more bizarre cravings like crunching ice or being too snacky or dreaming of alcohol.

    These’s also cravings for coffee, fizzy drinks, burned foods, salty foods, popcorn, red meat, crisps and so many more.

    And guess what- they ALL mean something.

    And we will discuss them in depth at this Sunday’s workshop ‘What your cravings are telling you’.

    More importantly, I will teach you how to make the most satisfying raw food delicacies such as a Butterscotch Marble Triple Choc Cake, Creamy Mylk-shake, Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms and a yummy Cheezy Dip, and we will enjoy them all in class.

    11:30am-2pm Sunday 11th March...

    Can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day than doing what I love the most.

    I hope you will join me, as now there are only a few tickets left.

    Book here:

    Class - This Sunday 11th March - What your cravings are telling you

    Class - This Sunday 11th March - What your cravings are telling you
    Did you know that craving chocolate is your body saying that you're missing a certain mineral? Once you begin eating foods rich in that mineral, the cravings will vanish! Same goes for milk,cheese,bacon,bread,red meat,etc. Discover what your cravings mean + what raw plant-based recipes to make in order to combat them.

    Read more

    New workshops announced! December festivities and January detoxing

    New workshops announced! December festivities and January detoxing

    I'm running nutritional [un]cookery workshops once again and I'm pretty excited about it!

    Take a look at what's coming up over the next couple of months and book quickly, these spaces do go fast!

    Can. Not. Wait. To see you!!!!



    What is dowsing and what do I use it for?

    What is dowsing and what do I use it for?

    They're here! 

    They're here! 
    They're here! 

    Nope, not excited about my parents being in London one tiny bit.

    Not excited about this weekend either.

    Not about David Wolfe's epic masterclass on Sunday where we are the exclusive caterer.

    Not about my mum's insanely important workshop on dowsing this Saturday.

    None. Of. It.  Ha! Yeah right.  In fact, these are the days I LIVE for!

    My parents just landed in Heathrow for the first time in 8 years, which makes it all the more special. Then come Saturday, we will make our way to Central Working in Paddington, where my mum's workshop 'Connection with your Higher Self via dowsing' will take place 2-5pm.

    A few of you have been asking about what dowsing even is and how this may be relevant to your life, so I wanted to tell you about what I do with it...

    What is it?

    If you were to google 'dowsing' you will find lots of reference to a couple of L shaped sticks held with your hands and used to locate a water source.

    But man, there is so much more to it! It dates to at least 16th century. Later dowsing was used to locate mines to avoid a particular route. Then it was even used by Albert Einstein, who said this:

    "I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time."

    What do I do with it?

    In my coaching practice, dowsing helps my clients work out the foods they are sensitive to or whether their stubborn unwanted fat has anything to do with stored childhood memories or perhaps their low energy levels has something to do with the weight of 'evil eyes' brought on by a distant relative. Once we know the cause, we can use the dowsing rod to work out a possible treatment.

    For my own personal use, dowsing is a tool I utilise for almost anything.

    When we travel, I check whether the fruits I'm buying are organic. If they aren't, I can do a further check on whether they are safe for me and my family (on a recent trip, a pineapple showed up to be 90% safe for me, but only 10% safe for Lake. No doubt, more chemicals were used in agriculture than her tiny clean digestive tract could handle)...

    I use a dowsing rod to check whether I'm lacking any minerals and which supplement is necessary. I even take it to a health store and use it to check exactly which brand and type of say Magnesium is required for my body. I then use it to check how many capsules, how many times a day and what duration will be required to take those supplements till my system is stabilised. You get the idea.

    Aside from diet, I can use the dowsing rod to confirm that the home we're looking to move to is 100% suitable for my family and if not 100%, then whether the schooling, future capitals gains, bad energy vortex of the land it's on, bad neighbours or poor construction quality have anything to do with why it's not a suitable home for us. 

    I can check if I need to run Lake to the doctor, if my bloated stomach has anything to do with what I ate or how I combined the ingredients, if it is safe to travel somewhere, if I should go ahead with the business deal,etc etc etc.

    BTW, it's not as straight forward as a Yes or No answer and the art of formulating a question correctly is something that takes time to master. Even interpreting an answer can be tricky, because the answer can be produced against your intuition and turn out to be merely a suggestion for taking a certain route because it is the only way to teach you an important lesson.

    This is where my mum, Lena Alekseeva, comes in!

    And she's not only here this Saturday to help you receive answers to some of your burning spiritual, diet, wellness, relationship or finance related questions, she is here to teach you how to enquire with the Universe at any time at all.

    She will teach you how to use a dowsing rod, how to tune it to your energy, how to formulate a correct question and how to interpret the answer.

    Pretty fricken cool.

    Go straight here to book your spot or to read more details>>

    As for this Sunday, my parents will be with me in York Hall, Bethnal Green, helping to run the Tanya's organic lunch stall at David Wolfe's masterclass. 

    If you're yet to discover why this nutrition superfood legend is pretty amazing, just google his name or find how many books he's written or note that he has over 11 million fans on Facebook alone.

    To learn more or to book your spot, go here>>

    Bring. On. The Weekend!

    Hope to see lots and lots of you there,


     P.S. Don't forget the code TANYASPLUS to receive a discount to David Wolfe's event.